Ethernet or Wireless? What Kind Of Security Should Your Network Use?

iGOdata Has The Answers, As Well As The Expertise.

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If you’re going wireless, what kind of router should you get, and how do you go about configuring it?
All these questions and dozens of others are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to designing the ideal
networking strategy for your home or business.

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Networking Solutions From iGOdata

iGOdata has the answers, as well as the expertise to design and install a network that gives your family or employees everything you need. Whether you’re looking for a home network to connect all your computers, home theater, wireless devices and entertainment options or seeking a corporate network that sprawls across multiple computers, iGOdata is the place to find a solution just for you.

Just like no home or business is exactly the same, individual networks have their own specific features, configurations, security options and overall best uses. Give us a call so we can help you pinpoint your needs and then implement a network masterpiece that fits them all. Additional services include support, security and device configurations for existing networks. Call for more information or Schedule an Appointment.

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When it comes to computer, network and IT fixes, we have virtually everything covered, both on the job and on the home front. Our services extend to all types of computer repairs, software and hardware installations, upgrades, virus protection and removal, set up and configuration of email, Wi-Fi and cable networks, and even backup and disaster recovery solutions. Contact iGOdata Today!

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