Losing data is not on your business agendas, but anything from system failure to a malicious invasion can make it happen.

Protect your data.

iGOdata Data Transfer Service

Rather than sitting around hoping against disaster, your company can take preventative
action to protect your data with help from iGOdata.

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It's all fun and games until you lose your data.

Our data transfer services can create copies of your data for backup or otherwise move even massive amounts of data from one system, server or location to another. Data transfer options include a backup or transfer of your data from one device to another, installation and configuration of manufacturer software to perform automated backups and the creation of a DVD containing backup data.

Moving data from one device to another is a breeze – as long as you call on iGOdata to do it. We can transfer any amount of data between any devices you choose, whether you need your contacts loaded into your smartphone for personal use or mounds of data moved from your computers to a backup server for your business.

Data transfer services are ideal as a mode of back up, but we can provide them for any reason necessary. Our data transfer services can include the transfer of data from device to another as well as software installation and configuration of automated backups if desired.

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