When store-bought computers just don’t cut it for your needs, it’s prime time to consider the possibility...

iGOdata's Custom Built Computers.

iGOdata Custom Computer Services

Let iGOdata transform a new level of computing into a reality with a custom built machine
that suits your exact needs as well as your budget.

Windows Support

Maybe it's time to upgrade to a Custom Computer from iGOdata.

Choose your memory, storage space, processor, hard drive, operating system and more. Custom built computers are ideal for those who engage in gaming, heavy graphic program use or other tasks that push traditional computers to or beyond the limit. Make sure your computer is up for whatever you give it; start the custom building process today.

Custom built business computers

Sick of extended computer lags or trying to cobble together solutions to combat a computer that doesn’t do what your business needs? Then stop it. Sometimes standard computers are just not enough for businesses with exacting needs the machines were not designed to handle.

Let iGOdata solve your computer woes with our custom built computers, giving you free reign to design the computer of your business’s dreams. Choose your own hard drive, operating system, storage and memory options, processor and other elements that make your new computer excel for your business.

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