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Our versatility extends to making on-site visits to your home or office or helping you out remotely
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You may have run across all types of IT fixes at your home or business. You have your do-it-yourself repairs that involve pushing a lot of buttons and hoping for the best. Then you have the overloaded techs that would be happy to help – at their next available appointment about two weeks down the line.

If you’re lucky, you may have also run across IT service providers that are fast, efficient, experienced, friendly and completely at your service for whatever service you may need. That’s exactly where iGOdata fits in. We make it our business to attend to yours, whether it happens to a virus infecting your personal laptop or a massive malfunction somewhere in your corporate network.

Since no single person can possibly know how to do everything, we staff a multi-talented IT team to ensure all potential areas of concern are covered. This strategic setup allows us to provide our extremely wide scope of service as rapidly as possible – not two weeks down the line.

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